On July 5, 2016 – Trevor Mauch officially launched the first episode of CarrotCast. 

The first podcast featuring LIFE, INCOME, MINDSET, and real estate game where Trevor dove into his own personal story. To read more information about the launching of this site and Trevor’s first episode click here.

Below are segments of Trevor’s and CarrotCast podcast story.

Information provided by Trevor Mauch CEO-Carrotly, LLC”

On my own journey as an entrepreneur over the past 8 years I’ve had some massive ups and depressing downs. From struggling by and making $16k my first year  as an entrepreneur… to working my way up to 6 figures, then being miserable for 24 months because I lacked “purpose” in my work… then a huge mindset shift that boosted me and my new company into the 7 figure per year club. From feeling lost and frustrated during my struggle to find my “life’s purpose” and not wanting to get out of bed to work in a job I’d created for myself… to absolutely LOVING what I’m doing now and full of clarity in my purpose on why I’m here. I truly want this for you too. It’s an amazing feeling to have. From loving entrepreneurship… to loving the  entrepreneurs (big difference). It’s been a journey and I wouldn’t trade the scars for the world.

So what are we launching today??? Well… for years people have asked me “When are you going to start a podcast to share your insights as an entrepreneur???“. That day is today. We’re officially launching the first episode of the  CarrotCast. A podcast to help amplify your LIFE, INCOME,  MINDSET, and real estate game where I’ll dive into my own personal story, we’ll talk about what’s working for me, and I’ll bring on amazing guests to share their deep insights into happiness, income, mindset, and real estate. You can catch the first episode with my special guest, the most positive and energetic person I’ve met in 2016… Tom Krol over here >>

In the first CarrotCast episode you’ll hear… – Why I finally decided to start this podcast (it’s a big     “why”)  – That this isn’t a real estate podcast (and why that is)  – How to close your first deal if you’re a new wholesaler  – How to double your assignment fees if you’re    already doing deals  – Massive mindset shifts both me and Tom had to go through to live life not just insanely financially prosperous, but also passionate and purposeful I think you’ll really love the CarrotCast.

If you do, we NEED your help big time. Like… seriously in a big way. One of our Core Values here at Carrot is “Be A Beacon of Positivity and Possibility”… and I want to reach 100,000 entrepreneurs this year with the CarrotCast.

So I can help amplify you to make your bigger  difference.

It’s what I feel is my life’s purpose. So, here’s my “big ask”…

#1: Subscribe to the CarrotCast on iTunes today if you enjoy it 

#2: Give us a rating. Even if you hate it. It’ll help me improve 

#3: Share the CarrotCast with others you think will enjoy it.

I appreciate the heck out of you and here’s to an amazing journey together. Head over and dive into the first episode with Tom Krol here.

Trevor PSWant a sneak peak of Episodes #2 and #3?  You can listen to the first 3 CarrotCast episodes before they’re released over in iTunes. Just head over here to iTunes and subscribe today!

Trevor Mauch CEO – Carrotly, LLC – Lead Generation Website System for Real Estate Investors Personal Site:  Friend me up on Facebook Follow me on Twitter “Try not to be a man of success. Rather, try to be a man of value” – Albert Einstein


OCTOBER “YES” PUB TALK – 2015 RAIN – Concept Stage Pitches

October_2015_Pubtalk  Flyer 

We’re in our 3rd year now of our Roseburg Angel Investor Network (RAIN) competition and every year the applications, ideas, and entrepreneurs get better and better. One of my favorite parts every year is the Concept Stage pitches.

This is for businesses and business ideas that aren’t quite ready to scale up to the big time yet… but where the idea, revenue model, or business still needs refining and could use a boost with a small amount of cash and help from mentors and resources.

Really this is the phase that most business ideas die… and if those people with ideas in this phase can get the help, resources, and a bit of cash to get over that hump… growth and success is a LOT more likely.

One of those businesses is Holm Made Toffee ( on of 2014 RAIN Concept Stage finalists!

Donna has been winning all kinds awards w/ their amazing toffee and if you’ve been fortunate enough to try out her toffee…you know she’s nailed the product (it’s amazing) and is actively working on growing her company right now, which is exciting!

You’ll be able to taste some of Donna’s toffee at the PubTalk this month (she’s graciously sponsoring the PubTalk this month).

Join Us Wednesday Oct 28th @ 5pm 
To See The Pitches And Vote! 

So this year we have a really great group of entrepreneurs who will be giving their “Shark Tank” style pitch here at theLoft (950 SE Oak Street downtown Roseburg) on Wednesday  Oct. 28th at 5pm. 

And YES, construction by theLoft is done now! Yay! So there’s plenty of parking and less dust flying around


Come and grab some awesome Loggers Pizza, local brews and wine, Holm Made Toffee… and listen to those courageous entrepreneurs pitch their idea to 50+ people in the crowd.

Then, vote on your favorite pitch to help send the top pitches to the RAIN main event in December where the crowd will vote on the winner of the whole shibang…

… and award the winner over $5k in cash and prizes. 

It’s an inspiring event and these entrepreneurs deserve tons of
support for having the guts to put themselves out there.

See you next week and make sure you head over to  to pick up some gifts for Christmas and Thanksgiving season. Their toffee is the perfect Christmas gift.


PS –  Next Saturday (Halloween) Backside is having a fun night for grownups over at their place. Costume contest, live music and of course their awesome beer. Flyer is attached. 

 Holloween_10-31-15 Message from Trevor Mauch


July “Pub Talk” YES (Young Entrepreneurs Society)

July 29, 2015 Pub Talk

Speaker:  Trevor Mauch

Will be speaking and pulling back the curtain on the growth at Carrot this year and show you the importance of creating recurring revenue streams in your business (and life)… how Carrot is doing it… and how you can do no matter what type of business you’re in.

Where:  TheLoft (Carrot), 950 SE Oak Ave. Roseburg, OR 97470, USA 

Plan: 5pm – 5:30  Network, beer, wine, pizza!    5:30 – 6:15  Trevor Mauch – Carrot     6:15+  More networking and drinks! 🙂 

SPONSOR: Umpqua Bank. Thanks to Umpqua Bank for the cash to buy a bunch of inspired entrepreneurs some grub and beer… but even more, thanks for showing us that the Umpqua Valley can help us foster any dreams of any size that we have. 

HOST:  The Young Entrepreneurs Society of Roseburg and Trevor Mauch hosts monthly Entrepreneur Pub Talks to help inspire entrepreneurship to create positive change in our community.

June Entrepreneur Pub Talk

June Entrepreneur Pub Talk 

June 24, 2015

Speakers:  Starting an Outdoor Business: The Stories, Struggles and Opportunities 

At the talk this month some incredible local entrepreneurs will share their stories, how they 
saw a need for what they do in the area, where the field has taken them, where they see it 
going, and so much more.

Where: Backside Brewing Company – 1640 NE O’Dell, Roseburg 

When: Wednesday June 24, 2015 at 5pm

Plan: 5pm – 5:30  Network, beer, wine, pizza!    5:30 – 6:15  Pub Talk – outdoor sports businesses Pub talk panel   6:15+  More networking and drinks! :-) 

You really don’t want to miss this one, you are going to hear about some amazing businesses that you might not even realize are here in Douglas County. So come out and hear from a:

  • Local Bike Shop Owner
  • New Local Mountain Guide
  • River Rental and Guide company
  • Outdoor Film Company

We also decided it would be cool, to keep up with the outdoorsyness of the theme and hold the Pubtalk over at Backside Brewing Co., if we’re lucky we might even be able to get a little look at what they have going on over at Canyon Creek Bicycles which is right next door.

Host:  The Young Entrepreneurs Society of Roseburg and Trevor Mauch hosts monthly Entrepreneur Pub Talks to help inspire entrepreneurship to create positive change in our community.

May 27, 2015 “PubTalk”

May 27, 2015  “PubTalk” 

Speaker:  John Lamy (OEN)  John will be speaking on Product Innovation:  The Key to Growing Your Business – Learn to develop a steady stream of NEW products. 

Where:  theLoft – Entrepreneur Co-Workspace, 950 SE Oak St. Roseburg

When: Wednesday May 27, 2015 at 5pm

Plan: 5pm – 5:30  Network, beer, wine, pizza!    5:30 – 6:15  Pub Talk –  John Lamy   6:15+  More networking and drinks! :-) 

This month’s talk is brought to us by David Reeck and his local startup – an electric assist bike company – Oregonbike LLC.

Host:  The Young Entrepreneurs Society of Roseburg and Trevor Mauch hosts monthly Entrepreneur Pub Talks to help inspire entrepreneurship to create positive change in our community.


April – Pub Talk

April Pub Talk

 Wednesday, April 29, 2015

 Umpqua Business Center

The focus of the Pub Talk will be a follow-up on the Roseburg Startup Weekend Event which will be held – Friday, April 24 thru Sunday, April 26th.  Folks who attended this event will be sharing their experience and what they learned.  Some of the judges will also be sharing what they took away from event and much more.

Time: ~5pm – 5:30pm:  Network, beer, pizza  ~ 5:30pm – 6:15pm: Feedback from Judges and Participants ~ 6:15+: More networking and drinks.

Cost:  Free Admission (just chip in a few bucks to help pay for the food and drinks).

Location:  Umpqua Business Center – 522 SE Washington Ave., Roseburg, OR


Thanks to the Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s support for this month.  We will be enjoying some awesome food and beer from some of our local favorites.

Host:  The Young Entrepreneurs Society of Roseburg and Trevor Mauch hosts monthly Entrepreneur Pub Talks to help inspire entrepreneurship to create positive change in our community


Upcoming Entrepreneur Events – March & April




YES MONTHLY PUB TALK – Wednesday, March 25, 2015 

Grab a Backside Brewery beer or some Paul O’Brien Wine and some Loggers Pizza.

  1. Hear some startup stories from local brewers and wine makers and general information about their industry here in Douglas County.
  2. Discover news on the future of this industry in our community.
  3. How these businesses will grow and change the overall culture in Roseburg.
  4. And more!

~ 5pm – 5:30pm:  Network, beer, pizza  ~ 5:30pm – 6:15pm: Wine Maker and Brewer Panel ~ 6:15+: More networking and drinks.

Cost:  Free Admission (just chip in a few bucks to help pay for the food and drinks).

Thanks as always to support from YES’ sponsors, the Umpqua Business Center and SBDC for helping support this group, Paul O’Brien winery for hosting… Backside Brewery and Two Shy for being great YES members and contributors, Ford Family Foundation for their financial support, and YOU… for SHOWING UP and making this movement happen 

Spread the word about the YES group and lets make 2015 the best one yet for the entrepreneurial movement in the Umpqua Valley. 



Government Contracting Opportunities

Procurement officers will be on hand to help you find, bid, and win contracts with both the state and feds. March 26, 8 AM to 3 PM.


Food for Profit

Step-by-step instructions on how to start and run a small food business. April 9-10, noon to 4 PM.

For more information on either Workshop visit:



Roseburg Startup Weekend will be April 24-26

Do you want to mingle with capable, intelligent, innovative peers who will team up to create a business in 54 hours? This event could change your life and challenge your perspective of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ownership. What’s your best new idea? What frustrates you when you’re going through your day and can you devise an idea to make it better? Pitch your idea and see if it gets picked to be developed.