Malta Individual Investor Program – What You Need to Know

With a lot of Investor Programs readily available, knowing your IP should be a priority. For the Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP), also known as the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program, there are a number of things you need to know, specifically on legal matters:

What is the Malta Individual Investor Program about?

Essentially, Malta IIP, granted by virtue of Legal Notice 47 of 2014, endows well off individuals and their families an opportunity for Maltese citizenship in exchange of helping the socioeconomic growth of Malta through investments. The citizenship is given through naturalisation, following due and thorough process of application.

What exactly are the benefits of Malta Individual Investor Program? Here we will cover the main requirements and benefits. For additional help visit

There are numerous benefits in availing Malta IIP:

1) Quality and free healthcare. The Malta government provides its citizens with free and quality healthcare, and is ranked by the World Health Organization as 5th in the healthcare systems worldwide;

2) Free education for children. Citizens of Malta enjoy free public schools, including free transportation, books and other school supplies, and miscellaneous fees. The University of Malta, the highest educational institution in the archipelago, is also free for Maltese citizens;

3) Visa-free travels in more than 160 countries. Maltese citizens enjoy Visa-free trips in more than 160 countries, including the US and Canada. In addition, citizens are free to travel in the Schengen area, excluding UK and Ireland; and,

4) Fast citizenship processing time. The Malta Individual Investor Program is one of the many European countries to offer a fast citizenship processing time. The earlier you obtain your citizenship, the earlier you get a Maltese Visa, and avail travel perks.

What are the requirements in applying for Malta IIPs?

The primary applicant must meet minimum standard requirements in age, residency, record, health, and investments. Specifically, the primary applicant must be, at least 18 years of age upon application, with proof of 12 months residency, and with no criminal records as corroborated by the INTERPOL, International Criminal Court, and other pending authorities. The applicant must also be of good health; posing no risk for communicable diseases in the Maltese community. Moreover, he or she must have a €50,000 minimum Global Health Insurance coverage.

In addition, the primary applicant must invest in properties or rentals, either by purchasing a property for a minimum of €350,000, or signing a property lease with at least €16,000 annual rent, either way holding the property for at least five years. Investments also include contributing to Malta’s National Development and Social Fund, and investment stocks with a minimum worth of €150,000 in at least a five year holding period. Finally, the applicant must abide by genuine link to Malta by residing in Malta for extended periods.

What legal documents are needed for the application?

As with every other application, the Malta IIP obliges verified legal documents to satisfy their requirements:

  • Authenticated police conduct documents
  • Proof of residency for at least 12 months before the event of naturalisation
  • Complete medical certificates verifying that the applicant and his or her dependents are free from communicable diseases
  • Duly notarized individual affidavits of support for each dependent over 18 years

What are the requirements for the primary applicant’s family?

The primary applicant’s dependents must produce the medical certificates and affidavit of supports mentioned above, and must satisfy minimum contribution requirements. The applicant’s spouse must be able to contribute €25,000, pay the €5,000 diligence fee, €500 passport fee, and €200 bank charges per application.

Other dependents as children below 18 must comply with the €25,000 contribution, along with the the €3,000 diligence fee, €500 passport fee, and €200 bank charges per application. The primary applicant’s children falling under 18 to 26 years old must comply with the minimum €50,000 contribution, €5,000 due diligence fee, €500 passport fee, and €200 bank charges per application. The applicant’s children who fall under the latter age group must not be married to avail the citizenship.

Parents of the primary applicant aged 55 and above may also be naturalised following the minimum €50,000 contribution, €5,000 diligence fund, €500 passport fee, and €200 bank charges per application. In addition, all dependents must comply with the €50,000 minimum Global Health Insurance for an indefinite period.