RAIN Angel Investment 2014


 RAIN Angel Investment 2014

Roseburg, Oregon       September 4, 2014



The second RAIN (Roseburg area Angel Investment Network) conference is now accepting applicants for both an investment for a “launch” stage company and a prize package for a “concept” stage company through September.


RAIN is partnering with Palo Alto software who is hosting the application process through their Live Plan pitch & business management software. The application instructions are at: http://rainangel.org/apply-compete/ Deadline application has been extended to September 29, 2014.



Launch Stage

The “launch stage” investment is anticipated to be between $125,000 and $175,000. Any Oregon-based early stage company is eligible to compete.


The RAIN investors (mostly private investors with an additional investment from the Oregon Growth Account, i.e. the State of Oregon) completed negotiations on terms with the winner of the November 2013 conference, Homeschool Technical Apparel, in early 2014. The final investment made by the RAIN 2013 LLC was $230,000.

“Not only did we receive an equity infusion of over $200K through RAIN, I gained invaluable insights and support from a group of engaged investors. RAIN members included people with directly-relevant industry experience and great connections.”

Daniel Clancey, Founder & CEO

Homeschool Technical Apparel

danny@homeschoolsnowboarding.com; 503.953.2032


The competition and the process itself can be an important learning experience for applicants.

Competing for the RAIN investment helped me think about my business in new ways. I had sold my product before—but never thought about pitching my business. I gained new insights into my strategy, I learned a ton about when and why I might want to bring in equity investors, and it helped us position for growth. It was a great experience.”

Lem James

Bravado Outdoor Products LLC

www.concretetabletennis.com; 541.817.6815


Concept Stage

The Concept Stage competition is for business ideas or very early stage companies seeking assistance to get started. Only Douglas County businesses are eligible. The winner will receive a prize, including $3,000 in cash, 6 months rent-free residency at the Umpqua Business Center and a package of free and reduced cost business services sponsored by inerseshen creative media. The cash prize is sponsored by Dotty Stapleton of TMS Call Centers and Palo Alto Software.

2014 “Concept Stage” Prizes:

Logo Design

Business Card Design

1000 business cards

Postcard or rack card design

Printing of either one

Banner Design

3ft x 6ft  Banner

Small basic 3-4 page website

  • 1 hour consultation with Derek Simmons, attorney www.wlrlaw.com/
  • 6 months rent at Umpqua Business Center www.umpquabusiness.com
  • Consultation session with Palo Alto software executive team


The 2013 Concept Stage winner was Caregiver Cards:

“If one word could describe my experience with participating and winning the 2013 RAIN concept stage event for my Alzheimer’s communication tool (Caregiver Cards), it would be FOCUS. Before the big day, there were training sessions that helped me FOCUS on what my business plan is. During the event, there was FOCUS to deliver the plan in a message that could be understood by many. After winning, the accolades and grand prize money has helped me FOCUS on future growth and plans to take my concept to the next level. In short, RAIN has helped me take a FOCUSED action and drive it to success.”

Barbara Worthington

Caregiver Cards

caregivercards@gmail.com ; (541) 670-6347



The 2014 Conference will be held at Danny Lang Center on November 19, 2014. Winners of both the RAIN “launch stage” investment and the “concept stage” business competition will be announced.



The Partnership for Economic Development in Douglas County, in cooperation with the Umpqua Business Center, is organizing the conference and supporting the RAIN investor LLC.


The Partnership for Economic Development in Douglas County, formerly known as the Umpqua Economic Development Partnership, was established in 2001 to be the lead collaborative economic development organization in the region. The Founding Partners were: the City of Roseburg, Roseburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Douglas County Industrial Development Board, and CCD Business Development Corporation. www.uedpartnership.org


The Umpqua Business Center (UBC) is an integral part of a comprehensive economic development plan for Douglas County, accelerating the development of start-up businesses in a business incubation setting. Developing local, homegrown businesses complements regional efforts to encourage expansion, retention and attraction of companies. The long-range goal is to create new, stable and successful businesses that contribute to the general economic health of the area, increase employment opportunities and add to the variety of products and services available to its citizens. umpquabusiness.com


RAIN is an effort to foster a better environment for entrepreneurship in Douglas County. The primary vehicle is a private company (an LLC), through which local investors are coming together to invest in one early stage company. (See: http://www.rainangel.org/ .)


The larger effort, being organized by The Partnership for Economic Development in Douglas County and the Umpqua Business Center, includes a business plan competition, a series of training events, and the conference.


The primary goals are:

  • Increase seed capital availability for regional early stage companies.
  • Build awareness and knowledge of local entrepreneurs and investors about direct equity investment.


RAIN is a community effort of investors and local resources.  Entrepreneurs will receive hands-on experience in developing a business plan, pitching an equity investor, and understanding deal structure.  Our local investor community will be trained on how to evaluate potential direct equity investments and how to structure such investments.

For additional information:

Alex Campbell,Executive Director

The Partnership for Economic Development in Douglas County


 (541) 492-2820 ; (541) 974-8066 (cell)


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